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How much knex does an average knexer like you have? Answered

I'm bored, so I wanna know how much knex you have.

here's my list: (pictures would be fine too)
big ball factory set: 3000+
screamin sepent set: 1200+
rippin rocket set: 1200+
an old knex crane set: 1000+
terrain trekker set: 400+
a yellow knex carry case: 300+
a lot of little sets: 800+

total: 8000+ pieces



2 years ago

probably about 20,000 pieces.

about 30 pounds not including mocro micro about 5lbs

oh about 14,000 (if you count micros)

Oh gosh, probably 3000-4000 parts! 

That's a nice number, you can build almost all guns with that. Though big ball machines are a bit out of your range though. :-)

Exactly! I can pretty much make every gun, but not all of the ball machines. (I don't even have chains :( )

That was supposed to be :(, but then i put a ")" on the end so it looks like :( )

you got the big air ball tower? you could make the transmission i made!

that sucks, yet it is cool at the same time it is cool because you have the big ball factory

I have 6,000+ pieces, I'm stocking up after I hook up my 360.

i has like 5000-7000 parts.
i have alot of white connector,and a much of 3d connectors

I'm still counting the last part of cyclo, but I think it'll be somewhere between 15 000 and 20 000.

I counted all the pieces I didn't use in cyclo, and now I'm counting cyclo's (so I know how much cyclo contains and how much i got in general)

Next to cyclo I have 8513 pieces (give or take a few due to rail tracks, some cyber pieces, miscounts etc) (funny fact: green rods alone were 1044 and the black rods of the same size are 339 and 55 in the figures)

And on cyclo I hitted over 5300 already, and still got a bunch to count (I don't count in general but all the different kinds of pieces)

i at least have a little over 4500 and the rippen rocket coaster has exactly 1058 parts

oh, ok I wasn't sure, I couldn't find a piece list and since it is more expensive than the ss coaster I just typed the same number, but thanks anyway

I have instructions for most of the sets, the rest I can remember. :-)

ah, I threw my instruction books away a long time ago :-(
I can't remember why.......

I wish I would have kept lots of my old boxes. I keep all of my Lego and Knex boxes now.

yeah, I don't use my legos anymore, do you wanna buy some??lol

I will if I can afford them. Plus, they'd have to be shipped overseas (you live in Holland, right?).

yeah, I think I'm gonna sell them soon, I'll send you a link to the ebay page!

I have 2 red tubs, 2 blue tubs, 1 blue box, 1 purple box, 1 green box, the amusment park rides set, the vertical vengence roller coaster set,  and some kind of set where this guy on a motercycle goes down a ramp and jumps into some hay. I think that is all the knex I have.

None.  Doh!  That makes me an non-use of knex.  I wish I'd bought stock in the company when they first started.

No.  I wish I had bought stock in the company before they were well known.  Knex seems to be very popular.

not really, The knex company has a lot of trouble competing with lego. I live in holland and knex Is not (anymore) for sale over here. Knex is very popular on instructables but I don't think the knex company is doing very well right now.

this much, pics 9-12

I still can't access my library or post pics in comments.

theres a trekker set in there, an old creator set and quite a few small sets as well.


8 years ago

i have about 6000 pieces

big ball air tower, 3 different 50 modle sets, about 3 mini sets (10 modles) 3 375 value tubs, and a ton of other pieces.....

3375 value tub? where did you get that? is it minis?

no three tubs of 375 value tubs