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How much plastic is 1/2oz injection molder? Answered

I want to make a mold the size of a Pez head. Can I use a 1/2oz injection molder for this?


Hmm...fluid oz? Then you'd want to measure the displacement of a pez holder to find out what volume it actually take.

Graduated cylinder, water and pz dispenser required

1. Fill graduated cylinder to a depth that will allow the pez dispenser to fully immerse. Measure and record the amount in the graduated cylinder.

2. insert pez dispenser into cylinder. Use a chop stick or other gizmo to force the device until fully immersed.

3. Measure and record water level.

subtract the first measurement from the second. That's your displacement and the amount of material required.

Use an online conversion tool to resolve from ml to fluid oz.

I forgot to add that you need to make sure all entrapped air in the dispenser is released prior to the measurement, so you *may need to sacrifice the holder by drilling a small hole in its head or dismantled it and put the pieces in instead of the intact holder...

weigh an example.