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How much power can be put through a disposable camera transformer? Answered

I was using disposable camera circuit for charging a capacitor. I went up to about 30 volts at 2.48 amps wit h a dc regulated power supply. It started to give off a type of gas and I stopped and put it outside. Later, I tried again and it didn't work.


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kevinsa5 (author)2010-04-05

Well, that sort of transformer is rated at 1.5v DC, so putting 20 times the regular amount probably isn't going to be good for it. It would put out a very high voltage, though (if it worked). I don't know about an absolute max for the incoming voltage, but probably sticking with 1.5 volts is the best. It's certainly a lot more safe. You may be able to daisychain multiple transformers together, but I'm not sure.

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