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How much should I charge for labor to change a Honda bumper? Answered




Best Answer 9 years ago

Only you know what your time is worth. Whatever you're thinking of charging you have to ask yourself: if 20 people called you up tomorrow asking for their bumpers changed at the price you charged this guy, would you be happy? Or would you start screening your phone calls?


9 years ago

Thanks for the responses, I ended up charging $50.00 which the customer had no qualms about.. Not bad for 17 minutes worth of work in case anybody is looking for a side job!

. To find out what the pros charge, try asking your automobile insurance agent. You'll need to supply year, model, &c.; Adjust from there.

If you're in the U.S., your state will probably have some agency which regulates automotive repair rates (in California it's the Bureau of Automotive Repair). They will have guidelines on reasonably hourly charges, and very specific regulations on how many hours/minutes you can bill for different activities. If you really want to be legal, you should be checking with them.

Having said that, I've encountered mechanics charging anywhere from $35 (a *really* good private shop) to $75 (a f--ing crappy dealership) per hour. My favorite mechanic charges in 15 minute increments based on the actual time he or his techs take to do a job.

He is the cheapest guy I've ever found, and his shop is usually fully booked at least three weeks out. Honest as the day is long (and he's got a Fish on his business card :-), and technically competent, too!

You could phone a local garage and ask their labour charges, then base your rate on theirs.