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How old are you? Answered

I'm amazed at the range of ages that seem to be represented here. So tell us, how old are you P.S. If you want to give a funny answer, fine just add the real answer underneath, Cheers


enjoying my free spirited random youth

I know this will age me loads but am i the only one who feels like he's in an internet version of Logans Run?

Happy birthday!

(So close to the 14th - I hope Mr Ratfink is a very generous man...)

I got Final Fantasy XII for the DS, Pixeljunk Monsters, an ice cream cake, and he's taking me to my favorite Thai restaurant tonight. I think I did pretty well. We typically just combine both days. :D

It's really good. I'm actually still playing it. I stopped for a bit and just picked it up again. :D

I got my wife 2 "different" kinds of cards, one on the 13th and one on the 14th to go with the 4 carat ruby with diamond chips ring I got her (that is also her birthstone). We went out to a local French restaurant on Friday then. :-)

Happy Birthday!

(Hey, did you know that Larry the Cable Guy's birthday is one day after yours? You're so lucky! =D)

I don't know, I find anything involving Larry the Cable Guy to be slightly terrifying. :P

Have you seen "any" of his movies.....rather odd things really.

Bah, his movies are pretty bad, but his standup is good. Still, Jeff Foxworthy beats all, hands down.

I saw some of his standup once and that was enough for me. I don't think I could sit through on of his movies, haha.

Some of the one I watched was funny occasionally, but gross most of the other times.

his humor has to be some of the worst ive ever heard. seinfeld is 1000000 times better than him XD

im 13, ill be 14 in october, i hate it when people dont listen to me or take me seriously just because im 13. like the time my friend's little brother and his little 6th grade friends decided they would shoot their wimpy airsoft guns and we thew sticks back and they ran away. but i hate how adults dont belive us.


9 years ago


Ten?....TEN!!!!! Boy do I feel old....

how do you think that makes ME feel then LOL I have live five of his lifetimes already

You're 10? Well, that would explain a lot....except the socks full of ketchup.....why the hell do you wear socks filled with ketchup anyway?!

what socks filled with ketchup?I swear I don't wear ketchup filled socks,I would use the ketchup for some other use,like pouring on fries.

13..... I'll be 14 11 days from now....... KIDS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 years ago

I am 13. I rarley admit my true age as in many communities 13 year olds are automatically considered little twat brat kids who can only talk in leet speak.

The only reason i'd have a go right now is twat brat... Those are some of the words you just kinda have to choose one or the other... unless you said, 'Thirteen year old are generally assumed to either those childish brats who speak in L337 speak or complete and utter twats' By the way not a grammar lesson just my opinion on brat twat... lol

I feel your pain. If you say you're 13, people dont take you seriously......

I am sorry if you feel that I haven't taken you seriously :-( LOL

Around here, only those that act the part are labeled as such ;-)

im 15, am i labeled as such?? seriously....i want to know lol

I wasn't implying you (are you feeling guilty ? LOL)

na, just personal interest as to how hated/liked i am on this site lol im not popular at school, might as well try for here lol

well, haven't seen you around much.....been hiding in the backstreets of Instrucatables ? :-)

i've just been out biking a lot. its summer so im able to ride all day. im getting about 8 hours of biking everyday now, so when i get home i check this really quick, then go to a biking forum...

Oh yes, I understand. I would ride like that too, when I was a lot younger. Great way to see countryside that you don't really get to experience in a car.

lol i dont really do countryside, i bike at skateparks and stuff =)

well if your talking hills, i also do a bit of downhill mountain biking.... its like taking a bike at 40km/h down a bumpy mountain while jumping 15 foot gaps with drops.... so hills and stuff, not rough enough lol

Actaully, I meant the climbing the hill portion ;-)

Oh bother. the only bike I ever really owned was a heavy steel framed 27" wheel 3-speed, with no cable assembly (meaning that, since I didn't fix it, it was "stuck" in 3rd / high gear), for up hill and down ;-) Ah the glory days, before I started to drive a car, when I was in "shape" *sigh*.

You sicken me, that's what...

JK JK I no it's old but I saw it a couldn't resist it...

:-) the "label" CowGuy used was "little twat brat", and so I replied "only those that act the part are labeled as such" ;-)
We all have our moments, but those that are consistently incorrigible normally don't last long, so you're pretty safe (just watch yourself - Joking ! ;-) with those last three words)