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How power 5v security camera from car battery? Answered


I'm wanting to buy a security camera that has a 5v DC input.  Here's the link:


I'm wanting to mount it up at our gate (300ft from house).  Up there, I already have a solar panel that charges a standard car batter and it powers the gate.  I'm wanting to mount the camera up there and somehow power it from the existing battery.

Is this easy?  Can I (a total novice) pull this off?

Thanks for any help.

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Computothought (author)2013-09-28

Most cars when the start up send a lot of juice over the wires. most car puters have speical circuitry to avoid those issues. Moght be better of using a battery backup so your circuitry is on a separate circuit.

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steveastrouk (author)2013-09-02

It draws 5.5W from the supply, and thereforce a current of around 1A. A regulator like Mpilch shows will waste more than half of the battery energy in heat, so you'll be CONSTANTLY burning 12W in the camera and regulator. If you can accept that, you can use a standard regulator.

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DragonDon (author)2013-09-02

Any car charger for a mobile phone should do the trick. Just check the rated specs of course. Most "dollar stores" sell them pretty cheap. Take it apart and wire up your own connectors.

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mpilchfamily (author)2013-09-01

What you need is a voltage regulator to take that 12V and give you the 5V needed for the camera. There are many USB charging circuit projects here. But i'll promote one of mine.


You can replace the USB connector with whatever kind of power connector your camera needs.

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