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How remove coating from lightbulb? Answered

Anyone have an idea what the inside of this light bulb is coated with, and how to remove it? It's not the usual white powdery coating. It's darker and a little clearer. I tried the salt method, but it did nothing.


I don't think it is coated, I assume it is acid frosted.

If I am right and you don't need it to be heat or chemical resistant:
Try some diluted clear acrylic paint ;)
Make it really thin and runny, move the bulb around then let the excess drip out and allow to dry.
We used this trick to make frosted bathroom windows almost perfectly clear.
But might be easier trying to find a clear light bulb??

If u don't have salt can u use sugar??

maybe try scraping it with something like a screwdriver tip or a wire. If that doesn't do anything, it might actually be part of the glass like Downunder35m said?