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How should I Mod a regular monitor stand, into a custom laptop stand? USB, Battery powered, or extrnal or a combination? Answered

I have an Old monitor stand I use for my laptop as a lap stand. The problem is, lately my laptop has been over heating. I worked out an idea on paper for a solution but don't have the means of making the new stand at the moment. I plan to use an old case fan from a desktop to cool the laptop. The main problem is power. I want to use USB so it's stays portable, but I don't have a 5v fan. I can only find 12v fans in my desktops. (I am an IT so i have older cases laying around for parts and other projects.) I looked up stands and they all seem to be made of cardboard of other pre-made items. I jsut need ideas of have to power my 12v fan and what it will take to do so. Right now I figure to use the 12v fan I have I'll need a battery enclouser to mount in the stand and a switch to move between "OFF", "BATTERY", and "EXTERNAL". This way it can be portable when it needs to be and when I'm stitting at home like now and have the laptop plugged in anyway, it wont hurt to have the stand plugged in also. Any ideas would be great, thanks everyone!!!



8 years ago

If you have firewire, it will output about 9-12v. You could wire it to a firewire port.

Otherwise, you could use two USB ports wired in series.

or use a 5v to 12v step up circuit.

No Firewire on this laptop... It's a Acer Aspire 4730z. That's why I was looking for a 5v fan. I could buy one but I'd much rather use readily avalibe parts. As for the 5v to 12v step-up i'm not sure how to read that... My electrical knowledge is limited. Thanks for the idea of the usb in series... Only problem is the laptop in question only has 2 usb ports. In current configuration, I use one for mouse and the second for a flashdrive when needed. Thanks again though!

No problem. If you look at the minty boost kit from ladyada, that will give you an idea of what a step up circuit from 3v to 5v does. It does not appear to be possible to switch out the IC in that design, however.

Z beat me to it...those 12V fans require very little power...a stepup from the USB port is an easy fix.