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How should I make a level, mosaic table? Answered

I'm thinking about making a mosaic table from broken ceramic lamps. If I want to fill in the empty space to create a level surface, what should I use? And how long does it take to harden?



8 years ago

do your mosaic and grout it. then pour this glaze over it. i think it takes like 3 days for it to fully cure. we did it for a bar top and it came out awesome

I´m new in DIY issues, and going to start making mosaic table top, my locla market is very lack of variety, could you please tell me more about what "glaze" are you talking about on your answer? May be to know the components will be useful for me to start to search for it here. Thanks.

I'd cast the thing against a surface that's nice and flat, and pour an epoxy grout over the back.