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How should I start doing simple and small robotics projects? What motors to buy? What about wheels? Answered

I want to start doing simple robotics projects but I'm completely lost about what motors and wheels to buy.

I need to find motors that are inexpensive and be able to re-use them in many projects. I don't need servos or stepper motors. At least not yet :) So I don't have a specific project up but I want to have a few motors around to make stuff.

I'm confused because I don't know where to start: Should I choose the wheels first and then find the motor or the other way around? :) Where do you suggest I shop from (online)?

How should I fit the motor onto a chasis?

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Ameer007 (author)2011-09-09


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powerfool (author)2010-10-14

Thank you for your answers :)

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Burf (author)2010-09-15

I recommend you start out with kits. That is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to get started.
Once you learn the basics, then you can start thinking about building robots of your own design.
Some very nice kits can be found here:


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Re-design (author)Burf2010-09-15

+1 Absolutely. The very best way is to start out with a kit then branch out once you get the idea.

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