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How strong is the human skull? What material can simulate its strength? Answered

I been experimenting with projectiles, and been wondering what can I use to simulate a human skull. I've been shooting at a 1\2 inch thick peice of wood board, the projectile made it all the way through easily. When aimed at someones head, do you think this could peirce the skull and damage the brain, or do you think the bullet will just get stuck? How strong is the human skull anyway?


What is the thickness of a skull compared to???

I don't have a reference to back it up but my physical-anthropology teacher down at Long Beach State claimed that if a human skull were duplicated exactly with oak, the real bone skull would be 14 times stronger.

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I'm not sure, but this may be of some help.

Lol, no I'm not planning to assasinate someone, I just want to see how lethal my old homemade weapons are. Thanks for the links.

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No problem. Hope they help.

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The shape of the head along with the angle of strike and projectile dynamics are all part of the equation. However.... If you are able to penetrate a 1/2" of plywood then you can probably penetrate a skull with a direct hit.

Upon second look, your pictures show particle board. Decidedly weaker than plywood. Try it with a sheet of 1/4" and 1/2" plywood, the strength differs greatly. Post your results!

the pig's skull is about as strong/thick.

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