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How taper wood closet pole for sailboat yard? Answered

I'd like to taper the ends of a 1.5" closet pole to make the yard for a small sailboat. I'm looking for easy way(s) to turn the pole so I can use belt sander belting to do the tapering.I've thought of using 2" PVC pipe sections as journals and driving the rod with a belt powered by a small motor. (I do not need to taper the center so the drive can go there...or at either end). I'm open to better ideas.



8 years ago

I know this response may be a little late, but have you tried using a spokeshave on it? 

Unless the rod spins on center with very little deflection it would be very easy to sand waves into it. If you are handy with a block plane your could do it that way. Mark the end that will be smaller to the appropriate size and plane to the line. Make the first pass 1ft long, second pass 2ft long(1ft of new wood and over the previous pass for a second time) and so on. It will make the taper gradually. Repeat for 3 more sides so it is square and then proceed to make it 8 then 16 sided. Round from there. Alternatively, you could cut the 4 sided taper on a table saw and then round from there.


9 years ago

If you can just rig it to spin freely, I think that holding the belt sander at about a 45deg angle to the pole will both spin the pole and remove material simultaneously.