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How to Attach Small Plastic Trinkets to a Shirt/Pants? Answered

I want this to be a rather permanent solution, and the "Trinkets" come in many different forms, but are mostly plastic, i have one or two wooden ones, and a couple paper/cardboard ones. And i really don't care about washing, as i'll probably only wear it once.


Depends what they look like and how perminent you need the fixing to be.




I'm Thinking some kind of glue, but i'm not sure what type. I've been recommended duct tape, but wouldn't they fall/pull off rather easily?

Epoxy resin glue - 2 part often called araldite.

THIS IS PERMANENT AND WATERPROOF. so take care you will need to replace the window if you change your mind.


5 years ago

Here is an instructable that lets you hang stuff anywhere on your body.
Like an iron penny or substitute a plastic trinket with some iron in it :-)


Sewing loops of thread around them will probably work best. You're going to have to hand wash and dry after you put things on them


5 years ago

Hard to say what kind of trinkets you have (unless trinkets have a very specific meaning i am unaware of). sewing it on would be one way if they have any loops/holes for it (glue would be my last resort, as it could ruin the clothes, and it makes taking the things off when washing a problem)

just my ideas/thoughs