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How to carry 80 feet of PVC on a bike Answered

We needed 80 feet of 3/4" PVC from the local hardware store. Since it's pretty much impossible to park near it and the nearest available car was a couple miles away anyway we decided to carry it by bike. All we used was a couple pieces of inner tube and Brian's Xtracycle. I bet I could've pulled this off on another bike I've recently adopted, but we wanted to be safe. Speaking of safe, this rode pretty well, but the left turns were a little touchy as the front wheel would rub against the PVC. Good thing I was only going a few blocks. Along the way guy in the street told us that that was how the Vietcong would attack them. "They used to strap missiles to bikes! Heheh. Yeah, they kept getting us."



the front wheel would rub against the PVC

Hmm, a "fender" would have prevented that. Bikes still come with fenders don't they ? (I honestly don't know, since I haven't purchased a bike in over 30 years).

Usually only "beach cruiser" bikes have them now, but any good commuting bike should. You could put them on any bike, but most don't bother.

I found out the hard way, that the absence of a rear fender meant that a ride through some mud meant I would end up looking like a "reverse skunk" (dark strip of mud up the back).

PS: the only bike I ever really owned was a this old English Touring bike, with 27 in. semi-balloon tires (there's something you don't hear about much anymore); stuck in third gear. I rode that bike everywhere....and I really miss it too.

Raleigh? My mom has a 30 year old one that is a 27".

I don't remember (I don't still have it), I remember it said English Touring Bike on the cross bar, but the paint was flaking off when I got it, and it was severely rusted....but the gear box (3 speed) was well greased, and so was the front Axel, and chain assembly. Man, I went everywhere with that bike.....I would just ride for hours during summer break :-)

BTW: touring bike or no, it was a hefty STEEL framed bike. It wern't light LOL

Yes, I would figure it would be. Mine was an old 3 speed, and the reason it was stuck in third (high) gear was because the cable had broken, and the shifter (a little thumb activated mechanism) was rusted. I never bothered to fix it since I got so used to climbing hills in high gear.

Yeah, its also a 10 speed. (damn, I miss that bike!)

Might I ask what you are making with the PVC piping?

Project Z. Hehe!


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I really have no idea.

Did Viet Kahn ever get you?