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How to Embed Youtube Video Answered

Not sure what I am doing wrong. I have embedded videos before but I posted a few new Instructables today and can't seem to get Youtube videos to embed.

I tried the techniques on this page.

I also tried clicking the embed video icon and pasting the Youtube embed code into the box. It shows a flash box but when previewed (and published) there is no embedded video.

For example, this step should have a video embedded.

I am sure I am missing something simple, I am just not sure what it is...


Its easy goto this link to find out how to do it:

I found 7ofclubs I'ble really usefull when I had problems embedding mine

It's "easy," except that several recent releases of Firefox have been buggy in such a way that I'bles embed-pasting popup box doesn't do the job correctly. See the other comments in this topic, along with other bug reports on the subject.

That embedding video may be outdated due to the change in the input editor.

Go to the youtube video on youtube to copy the embed coding.  You might want to check off the options for related videos and border for a cleaner look.

Edit your instructables but click on the Rich editor button.  You should then see the button that looks like a filmstrip.  Click on that and just paste in the code.  You may only see a video placeholder in the preview.  Save the instructable and view it, you should see it there.   Good luck.

maybe give a link to your youtube video that you want to embed. Is it a non-embedable video or private setting?

Thanks for the tips. I normally use Fire Fox which is where the embedding didn't work. I gave it a try in IE and it worked like a charm. Might be something in Fire Fox that doesn't play nice or it could be something specific with my setup.

flash plugin for FF got updated a few times. maybe something with that.