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How to Goat Answered

Needs no further explanation I think.



umm, is there some dark secret reason you didn't link to the sauce?

That is until the goat kicks you in the gut, and then takes a bite out of you.


9 years ago

Come now, people, how much clearer can this be? It's got one step for goodness sakes! Surely you all know how to shave a goat with a chisel, it's a BASIC SKILL.

I'm sorry but I can't find any reference to this in my Goodhart's Dictionary of American Puns but the expression "Shave a goat" is in urban dictionary. I'm afraid this is lost on us geniuses.

and who would hand a chisel to a 4 year old, much less let 'em loose with a goat?

Where do I get a goat that can be shaved with a chisel?

well I got the first part now what salt and pepper ?? and how do I get this sticky paper outta my hair ?? oh now it's under the mouse , Tab, Tab Enter

It's a little hard to understand. Maybe an iBle to accompany it might help?