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How to Install Capacitor to High Tension Wire of Spark plug to increase power? Answered


Putting a capastator in wouldn't increase the power of the engine. If you are doing it because it isn't sparking properley my geuss is that the spark plug isn't clean. Clean it with a wire brush to start off with and then dip the ends (NOT THE POTTERY BIT) in petrol and scrub again. Wait untill dry before putting back in. Be rough, it would be hard to break with a wire brush. Also putting a capastator in would put the timing off.

My guess is that he wants to increase the spark to a sparkplug in order to a) increase power or b) increase efficiency or c) both. If you insert a capacitor in series you risk changing the time at which the electrical charge arrives at the sparkplug, throwing off the timing of the explosion of the fuel/air mix in the cylinder. There is already a capacitor in parallel with the high-tension wire going to the sparkplug, to control when the spark arrives at the sparkplug. It is called a condenser. Either get a larger coil, or increase the input to the existing coil.

can you rephrase that question?