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How to Make a Contest-Winning Instructable Answered

I am wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to make a contest-winning 'ible. I would prefer advice from someone who has won a contest, but anything will help.


First, make sure you have a well, thought out idea. Then, when you actually make your project, make sure it looks nice and works well. For the instructable itself; good grammar, spelling, and punctuation are needed for a Contest-Winning Instructable. Also, try to make your steps easy to understand. For more helpful advice, look at How To Be Featured, because it is really the same thing as what you are asking!

+1 in spades.

You might get lots of votes for an imaginative or cool project, but the final judging is done by a bunch of people who actually read what you've written as if they were going to recreate the project themselves.

One thing that does *not* help is including a plea for people to "rate and vote" - if your project is worth a vote, it will get a vote, no matter how much you beg, and contests aren't decided by ratings. If you have to offer to exchange votes or ratings with other people, then your project isn't as good as it might be.

From now onwards I will not ask anyone to vote, comment, rate or subscribe on my instructables ! I think that it was a bad idea to do that! I saw a lot of instructables do that so I thought I should do it too but you are right we should not write that on instructables!
I'm glad I came here and saw what everyone thinks!

I used to do it with my first ibles, but now I don't. I think that if you have a good instructable that deserves to win, it will.

It always puts me off rating and voting when I see "please rate and vote" on an instructable!

I think the biggest thing is you don't go into a contest making an instructable that is or will be the contest winner. You make an instructable for the sake of being able to make something and that you enjoyed the build process and may have learnt something from it.

Of course, in addition to the advice below, you increase your chances of getting noticed with the usual cool subject matter, creative titles, instructables robot-theming, instructables color-scheming, sheer resourcefulness, complexity or simplicity of the build, wowing people with the money that was or was not thrown into the project, the amount of pain and suffering you had for your art....

And none of that matters, as you are rewarded in other ways proportionately to the amount of passion and determination you put into the project.

Good luck.

I usually make instructables for the sake of making them and then ought to view comments to see what to improve in my future instructables and try make something that the community will learn and benefit from! Contests are very inspiring as they give me new ideas like the USB contest...I never thought of making what I made but then I thought up that instructable after looking at the contest but my aim with my instructables is to help others learn and make new stuff and so that I could learn new things and improve from comments!

A couple of months ago I got a message from someone saying that using less spray paint on my instructables will help make it better and I took the advice!...

To win a contest you have to make sure that winning the contest is not your goal.

If that makes sense...