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How to Patent my Invention? Answered

I am very curious about how to patent an invention. Please tell me how and what are the process to patent an innovation design.

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-06-28

Hi Waren,

The United States Patent & Trademark office has a great section that clearly outlines everything you need to do to file for a patent. Visit this link to learn more!

If you think that your idea has commercial viability and patent potential, during the design process I outline in this class, make sure to keep a careful record of your invention. Record every step of the invention process in a notebook, including drawings and any formulas used. I also recommend dating and signing every entry.

Good luck and happy inventing!

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Moogue (author)Paige Russell2017-09-19

HI Warren & Paige

Warren. ..Paige is spot on...record everything...applying for and being granted a patent is actually a very complex and lengthy process so while you digest the information on that bear in mind
IP= Intellectual Property ....your idea which if copied you can apply for compensation as long as you can prove "Chicken & Egg" but this only applies to the physical design...not the concept
TM=Trade Mark

It's a quagmire and lawyers can and do devote their lifetimes to copyright law..which is different in different countries. ...so while you may have protected your invention to the eyeballs in the USA. ..little old me in the UK could legitimately rip and flip your golden egg before you have so much as stuck a stamp on your IP application envelope.

Seek professional advice if you really feel your design/idea/product has true merit and validity .... I refer you to a UK reality show called "Dragons Den"....if a pitcher can prove Patents, IP etc has been granted they crawl over each other to invest in the pitcher.

Best of Luck..but don't forget...you are a creative creature 1st....the minute you aren't playing with a pencil with a smile on your heart and just $$$ in your mind....you may as well have sold your soul.

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