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How to Save Electricity Answered

Saving Electricity: How to Save Electricity

Welcome!I've always hated "How-To" guides which don't explain why a certain tip works, or how well it works. Sometimes a topic is just as mysterious after you read the guide.

My guide is different.

In all honesty, this guide is a bit simplistic, but it does have a nice description of why there's no point to worrying about surges when electronic devices are powered up.


I didn't know those surge protectors wouldn't do anything to protect against lightning.... Bugger :/

I looked at it this way: lightning travels, sometimes a mile or more from cloud to ground....I personally never thought a breaker less then a quarter inch across could halt or even slow down the extreme voltage in a lightning strike. It is even hard to divert it with one of these puppies:


I really haven't dissected a surge protector before... Other than to harvest the wire ends for the plug :p Now thinking about it, it does make sense :) I come to some weird conclusions occasionally... I honestly was expecting a forest full of trees when I drove to the Petrified Forest. It didn't cross my mind that it was in the middle of a desert until about 30 minutes before I arrived and put a few moments of thought into it :D

I took one apart once to add an optocoupler to the copper innards in order to isolate the breaker more. There isn't much to them, really, beyond the little breaker, they are strips of copper. Yeah, funny how our expectations can sometimes warp our "pre"view of reality. :-) That gas tube surge protector I pictured above is used for equipment like Ham sets and such (but you probably already knew that). I haven't seen one of those in a long time :-)


10 years ago

Thanks for the info, but if you guys really want to save on your electricity bill you should try this device called the smart energy saver. I bought it online about 6 months ago and it has been saving me on average 70 to 100 dollars on my electric bill. It the coolist device I ever seen, you can check it out http://thesmartenergysaver.com

70-100 dollars! That's amazing mister person who just signed up with an account and has a first post advertising a product in a thread that links to information clearly against such products.... Just saying - suspicion shields up, tin foil hat adjusted (you laugh, but I'm protected).

*chuckle* I am especially impressed by how convoluted this line of horse hockey material is:During the use of electric equipment in your business or appliances in your home, the energy-wasting factors are like unbalance harmonics, when reactive power occurs this leads to electric lose ,which rises power consumption. This lose of electricity is disposed yet you are still charged for this electricity. If you could conserve the unbalance factors in electrical currents, the results would be. Your home will need LESS electricity, the disposed energy will be conserved and re-disbursed through out your home. This will result in a LOWER ELECTRIC BILL!

I do think that the tooth fairy is to blame too. LOL
They would do better to just unplug their TV set when not in use.

Hey, don't knock snake oil - it's a renewable resource! :-D