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How to age a book Answered

I have a replica of a book made in the early 1800's. It's really cool to have, but it would be even more fantasticle to make it look it's age. Does anyone here know how to do this? Let me know what you think if you have any ideas.


Dampen page edges with tea, then chuck it in a tumble dryer for as long as you like. Baking on a low heat will make pages stiff and brittle.

That sounds promising. I'll give it a shot, and publish it if it turns out.

My first suggestion, is to post it to yourself, just wrapped in some plastic. That will knock it around to start off with. Next, take some chain, dampen the edges, and flail it with said chain. If you can your hands on second hand upholstery leather off cuts, this tends to damage easily, and look old from the start. I have just finished making an old looking book, it waiting to get written up.