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How to attach a small motor to a piece of wood? Answered

I am not so sure this is possible, but I have a small 8rpm motor that I would like to attach to a piece of wood. The trick is I want to attach is so the wood is hanging under the motor, so I need a way to permanently attach it so that it will still spin, but not drop a 3lb-ish load. I don't know much about all this, so if you need anymore information from me about the parts just ask. Thanks!

EDIT: The motor is a small dc motor. It's about an inch and a half long cylinder. The spinning part is on the end of the cylinder, a bit off center, and is shaped like a partial cylinder. I hope this explaination makes sense.


Do you want to attach the wood to the motor body or to the spinning shaft?

The spinning shaft. That way the wood would spin.

It sounds like the shaft has a flat, like someone sliced through the cylinder. You can use a set screw that goes through the wood and presses on the flat. Some hobby shops sell hubs that attach to the motor shaft and bolt or screw onto something, in this case the wood. There are other options too, possibly epoxy, the one that's best is hard to say without knowing specifics of the project and components.

Sounds like you have a very basic little DC motor. If you plan to attach the wood to the shaft and have that board lift 3 lbs then forget it. That little motor isn't going to lift 3 lbs on its own. I may not even lift 3 lbs with a good gear or pulley system.

Sigh only half the story again!

To fix firmly your going to need some kind of mechanical connection between wood and motor. A flanges collar is the usual way 3 lbs is quite a lot of load so you need to ensure it is well balanced even though it is slow moving.

Try this

I don't know what shape the motor is so this is a bit general but make a suitable bracket and screw that to the wood holding the motor in place.

If the motor is mounted on it's side and the wood is small enough put a hose clip round the whole thing.