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How to attach stone to necklace like this? Answered


Does anyone know how to attach a stone to a necklace like this? What are those metals?



It is actually easier than you might think.
I used copper foil as sold in rolls for electronics stuff for this.
One side is covered with adhesive and the foil itself is very thin.
After the foil is on and things like the hanger added you san either solder over the entire foil surface or galvanise it if the object in question will tolerate the acids used.
If the object is quite sensitive you can cover it with petroleum jelly to protect it during the galvanising process.

Think that's just solder ??? Pretty sure you can buy gold and silver jewellery solder

They could have used polymer clay around the top of stone embedded with a bail, sanded and then painted with metallic paint. Don't know if you could bake with that mineral stone up to 275 degrees but they could have used the air dry type of polymer. Cool idea.

Looks like they might have taken the raw bigger sample, scraped out a recess to fill with molten metal like silver or gold, maybe platinum or some alloy, embed the hook and then work it to its final shape as noted by the continuous hewn surfaces. I guess you have to figure out which metal will stick best to the mineral or if you have to prep the mating surface with some primer, bonding agent, or rough it up and imbed some tie points. Good luck.