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How to attract and catch wild animals ? Answered

Hi, i living in Bosnia and Herzegowina in Southeast Europe (probably you heared for that country if you are living in USA, Barrack Obama loves us!). I live in city usually (not my house), but on holidays in my village (something like mountain). I readed a lot off books at home about animals, and i love animals. I like to watch them, play with them, take photo of them...) and because i am living in village with my old parents both more than 60 years :P and my brother I cant play with anyone expect animals. My brother is lazy and just plays some games like CS and Tetris on laptop and doesn't like experiments and animals. I am 16 years old. I have seen lot off animals in my mini forest at my property and at forest near my property lot off animals like: birds, bats, frogs, bugs and i rarely i have seen: rabbit, wolf, wild pig, squirrel... So how to attract and catch any animal easy with 100% success without buying any trap expect buying something really cheap under 3$ or using something found in forest? (BUT SOMETHING AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE SO THAT MY FATHER WONT RECOGNIZE TRAP, I WANT TO CATCH ANY ANIMAL EXPECT BUGS, SPIDERS, FROGS).AT LEAST A BIRD EVEN IN WINTER HOW TO CATCH? I DONT WANT THE TRAP SEEN BY MY FATHER NOT BIGGER THAN BALL. I WILL NOT HURT BIRDS BUT JUST WANT TO PICTURE WITH THEM AND I WILL RLEASE IT AFTER SOME PLAYING AND TAKING A PICTURE. SO IF YOU DONT KNOW ANSWER DONT SAY ANY COMPLIMENTS!!!


if your looking for a good photo, just go out in the city and feed some birds with bread. if you want to catch them.... well, nothing works better than a box trap.

Heres how you do it. get a small box. also get a stick. u need a string to. now take the box(at least big enough to fit a bird in) and set in in a high place. it has to be high enough to reach. tie a long string to the stick and put the stick under the box so that it is propped up. also i recommend the place that you put the box is to be close to a door around the house you live in. it doesnt have to be but you know... what ever is comfortable for you. now put bird seed of some kind under the box. grab the other end of the string and get some distance away from the box. you have to make sure you can still see it. you are now ready to catch eaither a bird or a squirrel. witch ever animal comes under the box first.