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How to bargain a good price? Answered

I've been travelling in Asia some, and have gone to many markets where the price for things is a good 3 times what they are worth. Any good ideas on how to bargain well?



Best Answer 4 years ago

Offer them a quarter of the ticket price. Lets them work to persuade you to pay more.

If they won't shift on the price, throw your hands in the air in disgust and walk away - if they can afford to come down in price, they'll follow you and offer you lower.


4 years ago

Decide what you are willing to pay and have it in your hand. Tell them that this is what you will pay for the item, its what you have. If they say no, put it in your pocket and turn to walk away. If they really want the sell they will call you back. It works at garage sales.

All you gotta do is talk with the shop keeper. Take the price you want to pay for it. Cut it in half and offer that to the shop keeper. He'll wine and complain that that is insane. He may or may not offer a slightly lower price than the ticket price. This is when you come up a bit on your price. Make your second offer so that the price you want to pay sits right in the middle of the price he offered and the second offer. Then you try to convince him to meet you half way landing on the price you'd like to pay.

Just take your time and don't be afraid to tell him you'll walk away and that his price is way too high. Also mention that the price you want to pay still leaves him with plenty of profit. You can also reassure him that even if he is loosing money on the deal there will always be many other suckers that will walk into the shop and over pay for the item.

When your overseas, especially in Asia, bargaining is expected. They intentionally over price things to try and hold the advantage when bargaining beguines. In the end, if you know what your doing and know what the item is really worth at cost, you will come out ahead. Keep in mind they need your money more than you need that item.