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How to build a 0-36v, 0-10a, Regulated, AC/DC Power Supply? Answered

I'm looking for how to make a variable regulated power supply for DC electronics. I have wall warts and single range transformers for lots of different items ranging from battery chargers to toys to LED lights and am looking to combine them all down into one unit. I need to be able to adjust the voltage from ad little as 1.2v @ 200ma all the way up to 36v @ 10amps. I would normally take the easy way out and buy a power supply online that would handle it, but I am strapped for cash and this is more a luxury then a necessity. If possible I would like to be able to use LCD/LED panel meters that are powered by the input along with fine and coarse controls, along with dual outputs. Something along the lines of the Mastech HY5005E-2 that's pictured below. Maybe convert a cheap PC power supply with a digital multimeter? I can solder and work a basic circuit but I haven't done anything this complicated as yet.  I would appreciate any help offered. Thanks!



Best Answer 7 years ago

Here's a good circuit.  Add more 2n3055 transistors for more power.  Be sure you transformer is big enough to carry the load.  you can add volt and amp meters either  in the form of real meters or you can scavage some of the $3 meters from Harbor Freight and use them.

Or you can get a real HP variable power supply 0-50 volts at about 30 amps for about $15 plus shipping on Ebay. I've gotten 3 that were similar to those specs and the sellers didn't think they worked but they are usually set up for remote control and you have to connect the ground strap to the + to hook them back up for internal control. Mine work perfectly now.

JFYI, not so much as "remote" as "compensating" - they sense the load voltage and allow you to ignore the volt drop in the supply lead.

Nice tip! I should look out for those.