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How to build a Gazebo solar heater ? Answered

Ok this is my first post

Was looking for heater for DIY wooden gazebo to take the chill off but don't want chiminea fire, smoke

I'm just starting up on solar set-up so looking for low power heater

was thinking at first car 12v cigarette socket heater witch is an option

But what i would really like to do is make something unusual

So hear goes thinking about small oil radiator with element replaced for 12v 120w travel kettle element

Now the closest thing I can think of to this is a towel rail but that's 240v

I'm trying to keep it simple system 12v lights heater music USB gadget charger

something like image attached

I do hope 1 person out there thinks this is a good idea


1. would it work

2. would it get hot or just warm

3. how long would it take to heat up again if at all giving image as example size and style 

Description Specification

5 Fin oil-filled radiator heater with single heat setting Ideal for heating small offices or in the home.

Voltage: 220-240V
Wattage: 500W
Frequency: 50Hz
Plug Amp: 13A
Low Wattage & Cost Effective
Power heat 0.5kW
Built-in Carry Handle
Weight: 3KG


Most Gazebos I know are open air just a floor railing and roof.

Is yours closed in?

Yes to a point it is wooden frame with 1/3 high wooden panels with felt pitch roof backed upto the house almost porch like but not fixed to house

As I have made it myself I also have temporary panels much like trellises with layers of insect mesh that reduces the breeze on a nice day as easy added or removed as need as very lightweight

I don't want it powered from the house as want to start a small off grid project that maybe one day will expand into the house as my knowledge gets better

At this point I have heat element on order and checking locally for cheap new or 2nd hand oil radiator to try my idea if its a fail its my fail lol

I want to test any and all my ideas in a safe place powered by solar setup and if it makes the grade one day expand into the house

Ok so you do not want to try to heat the whole Gazebo to room temperature you want to warm the people in it like the seat warmer in a car.

What about the 12 volt seat warmer from a car?

Solar charge a battery when not in use, and when in use use the battery to power the seat warmer.

yes that would be a good idea for outside as not much heat loss Could even use a set of those cheap China motorcycle grip warmers 1 for back and 1 for seat

Give it some sort of plug and play into table

I like that very much low tech 12v low wattage

One good reason I like it so much is because I have couple In box somewhere that I didn't get round to fitting

I thought you would like that. Low heat loss, low voltage, low power, just right for solar power.

It might not work for a house with running water and other things, but for structures with high heat loss like a gazebo or a tent in winter it should work just fine.

Watts = Volts X Amps

your heat output of 500 watts at 12 volts is going to need 42 amps. that isn't very practical.

As a suggestion, you might be able to get hold of a storage radiator, basically a box full of fire bricks. You heat them during the day with some heat source, the sun, gas, electricity and then they give back the heat at night.

Personally I would buy a portable gas heater and run it off a cylinder,.


thank you for your quick reply

The spec for the radiator is an example of size and weight maybe I left in to much info

What do you think about the possibility of the modification down to 12v 120w element

12 volts at 120 watts is 10 amps - that's a hunky power source for any length of time.

Possible yes, but practical I am not so sure.

Will 120 watts significantly heat you gazebo?

The gas heats I linked to puts out 1.2 Kilo watts.