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How to build a Video Booth? Answered

i am a spanish guy who wanna surprise my brother in his wedding with a video Booth... i was checking prices with Spanish companies which are specialized on this topic,,, But it is crazy expensives... Then i found this website full of creativity and amazing instruction of how to build a photobooth..So i realized my dream is possible!!! What i wanna know it is if someone knows a Software of video records that i can use to build my "dreamed videobooth". I have all the covers and the system..but i am missing one of the most important part. I want the guess press a buttton which make record 30 second clip and stop... I dont wanna be tied up to the Video Booth the whole wedding so I wish the button doesn´t let them to record longer videos than 30 second clip ( I know people on wedding get drunk and they will forget to push the button "Stop" so the memory of the camera will be full, and at the same time 30 second if enough time to leave a nice or funny message and not make it too heavy)  It is the first time i am using as member this webside so apologyze if this is not the correct way to ask a question.... thank u very much to all of u CREATIVE PEOPLE!!


Hola,me encuentro en la misma situación en la que tu estabas,has conseguido solcionarlo de alguna forma?



4 years ago

Just thought you might find this useful. There is a company who have developed software that allows you to turn your computer into a video booth or photo booth, using a webcam as the input. The software is called RightBooth. Full details on their website www.rightbooth.com.
I've been testing out their software and it seems to offer exactly what you were looking for. And it also seems to be really good value for money

You might use a small box that records onto an SD card. We use this kind of box where i work to build "Sewer Inspection" cameras. This newer model shown on ebay is also used in the security monitoring industry. It can be set to record for short periods of time of 15 or 30 (seconds or minutes, i cant remember). We have just received this newer model and have not tried it yet. There are several SD card recorders on the market today, they are not expensive. Just look for one that has that 30 seconds recording mode. here is the link to ebay:...... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-2CH-2-CH-SD-DVR-Video-Recorder-Surveillance-CCTV-Motion-Max-32G-/320770984430?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aaf70c9ee

That's a very nice idea, but I see a lot of problems making it work by itself. You have to set up a 'button' that you can make work with a video camera, to not only start recording but stop. The button has to ignore the people who will press it many times (for no reason), and you'll have to show people its working with a light and a clock so that they know when the recording will end. There will also be people who will want to erase and re-record their video, and may try to tamper with the camera, and nothing you do will stop people from recording multiple messages and filling up the tape with a lot of foolishness.

What I would suggest you do, is get a group of people in your family (or friends) that know how to use the video camera, and have everyone take turns walking around the wedding reception. They can get people to record their messages and move on to the next group. That way you can share the job and know you'll have something in the end that your brother (and his new esposa) will want to watch.