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How to build a battery charger for a 3.6v 60mah battery? Answered

hello guys, I have this idea I want to make a "power source" using this battery(pic) I want to use 3 to 4 batteries in series to power up some of my ideas. can someone tell me hat I need in order to make this happened? I will really appreciate the help thanks...


Arrange a resistor to your charging supply that can push 6mA into the battery stack.

what kind of resistor for 4, 3.6v battery? the idea is to be able to light up some LED and use it as a cellphone charger. I'm going to attach a minty boost kit to it. im kinda new in the gadget projects so im kinda lost on this

Depends on the charging voltage. R= (Vcharge -(4x3.6))/0.06