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How to build a green wall? Answered

Am looking to build a green wall/living wall where plants grow and there is a self watering system.


Use coconut coir as a growing medium, and support it with perforated steel plates bolted to your posts, e.g. a plantable retaining wall.

See here for more details: <http://www.senorcafe.com/archives/landscape_architecture/green_wall.html>


if you like moss, and are a bit patient you can try covering a vertical surface with porous fabric/felt-like material, spray this evenly with moss starter - try googleing sour milk and moss for a recipe. Then make sure your vertical surface is kept wet/damp. With a bit of luck and the right amount of shade you can have a beautiful moss wall in several months.

Look at this sit:

it gives you an idea of how you could build one.

it sounds like you need some kind of structure to hold the plans that allows for water flow, - water the drips down the wall with a pump to take it back up the wall and maybe some kind of air flow (depending on location)??

good luck let us see what you come up with.

The traditional answer would be a hedge, or a trellis with vines trained onto it. Set up a low-rate drip sprinkler system to feed the roots, provide it with sufficient light (indoors you'd need grow lights) and appropriate plant food; prune/train the plants to maintain coverage of the required area. But I get the impression you're interested in doing something more complicated...?