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How to build handcart wheels and axle? Answered

hello, I've been searching the web but haven't found any satisfactory instructions on how to build handcart wheels and axle.  I've attached an image of the handcart I'm wanting to build.  Typically these are built a little old school using iron on the wheels, but I would like to use rubber if anyone can help me with that as well.  Any help at all with this would be greatly appreciated.

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avocadostainsBest Answer (author)2014-09-13

This might help with the rubber wheels: https://www.instructables.com/id/Antique-Bicycle/ He used some type of rubber hose. I was a bit confused how exactly he connected the ends.

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Triclaw (author)2014-08-13
I not sure if this will help but I put bicycle tires and a new axel on a stroller you could do the same with a cart .

maybe that will help if you want rubber on wood that is more difficult you will have to find a tire or cast it your self. the Amish use rubber sometimes on there wagons but you have to go to them. could also use a serpentine belt tacked on wooden rims

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iceng (author)2014-08-12

A neat set of labor intensive steps in making a carriage wheel that you found Rick !

I can see how the iron rim is a necessary part of the construct and rubber simply cannot replace iron.

Then placing a hard rubber ring over the iron rim will be a poor solution, the material will squeeze and bulge in short order.

Mr. Spiff will have to design a narrow but large diameter automotive like tire to slip over the iron rim if he expects the wooden wheel roll with rubber that meets the road......

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rickharris (author)2014-08-12

Making a cart wheel is a pretty big undertaking.

The rubber tire will need some support so you will have to shape the rim like a bike wheel - look at one to take measurements .

I don't know if the tire and tube will put enough pressure n the wheel to keep it together as the iron rim would - trying is perhaps the only way. Personally If I had to I would try running a length of polyester or even steel strapping round the wheel under the tube.- The strapping ,machine can get these pretty tight.

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