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How to build your own electronic substitution sign/board for soccer? Answered

Hi, I'm just throwing this question out there.  I hope someone may find this interesting and have some ideas.

Basically I am a soccer referee and would like to get my own electronic substitution sign/board for high level matches.  Unfortunately I do not have $850 to $2100 to spend.  You can take a look at these things from OFFICIALSPORTS.com and get an idea what they are and what they do.



What's wrong with a whiteboard? Cheap, effective, high-contrast, reusable....

I've had this idea for an analog (basketball) scoreboard with several 10 position switches. Basically, take this instructable and modify it to just turn on off with a switch instead of through a circuit where it flashes. For a substitution board, you could actually separate out each section with a cheap on/off switch, and make the board say the two sets of numbers you need and then hold it up.  I made the sign itself for a football game, and it could easily be seen across the stadium, so I think this should also work for your board.