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How to built a blimp? Answered

Hello, I want to built an indoor blimp. I plan to use 3 motors one them will be back side and the others will be the right side and the left side of it. I m going to use servo motors for the right and the left side whereas a brushes motor for the back side. But i cannot find suitable motors?Which motors can i use for the blimp that will lift 2 kg?



Sean, consider checking out hyperblimps. (www.hyperblimp.com). The builder of these small (less than 50 feet) agile blimps might be able to help you. Best of luck.

At aprox 5 grams per 8" party balloon, that's a huge blimp...


8 years ago

If I where you, I would just get a small RC plane, take the wings off, and tape a balloon onto it. 2 kg is way too much unless you are rich and have a VERY big space.

" KG? This is going to be one BIG Blimp - do the maths and find out the size to lift that sort of weight. first. Most indoor only lift gramms

Does it weigh 2 kg after the buoyant gasses or after? Lifting 2kg with any small electric motor is hard and will require a heavy battery as well. Your best bet is to make the gas compartment bigger and fill it with a larger volume of gas.