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How to buy/make a laptop sleeve? Answered

 I have an 18.4 in laptop and I would like to get a sleeve for the laptop.  The problem is that I want a laptop sleeve that you don't need to remove.  So the sleeve would be kind of like a clamshell where it unzips on 3 sides and remains closed and attached to the laptop on the remaining side.  Now the real problem is that the laptop needs to circulate air to keep cool.  I want some solution for still allowing air to circulate but have a laptop sleeve that I never need to removed to access ports or allow air to circulate.  Do you know any kind of fabric that would maintain a cover against stuff yet allow air to circulate or any other solutions are welcome.  Thanks!



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I get the feeling there's something you're not telling us, such as why/what for.
The obvious answer is to have holes where the air comes in and goes out, but you're giving me the impression that you thought about that but can't do it for some reason?


 Yes, I did think of putting holes in but I guess I forgot to mention that above.  I don't want the holes to remain there permanently.  Like if it were raining I don't want water seeping straight into my laptop.  I could do holes if there were some way of replacing the cut outs in their places.  The thing is I don't want to play a puzzle with all sorts of cutouts of laptop sleeve.  They should be able to easily be replaced quickly.  Or another solution. but thanks so far.

If you want it rain-proof, that should have been mentioned.
I'll suggest you think about fridge-magnet material - that black/brown flexible sheet stuff. If you hinge a "door" you can use the magnetic material to have it close tight like a fridge door.
What sort of look & toughness do you want overall?


 it's going to be used carefully and won't see much action hopefully but I was thinking about using neoprene as padding.  It doesn't need to be implicitly rain-proof because I don't intend on having it in the rain but if it were in the rain enclosed in a stock laptop sleeve I would feel comfortable keeping it there for a small period of time.  I just can't think of a solution for covering or recovering the ports and airducts.  Could you explain the fridge magnet solution further?  The way I picture what you're talking about is (take a USB port for example) a rectangular cutout of neoprene (or like fabric) with fridge magnet material on the inside?  that does sound like a good idea, if that's what you intended.  thanks

The idea I had is crudely knocked-up in MS Paint here:



 lemonie you have been a great help, this was exactly the answer i was looking for and as thanks, Best Answer for you.

Well, I shall wait to see how this turns out then.