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How to bypass the Zscaler web proxy/filter? Answered

Ok so here are the details, I want to access sites like youtube, and well just youtube and I tried the https protocol and that didn't work and on top of that there's a bug installed within our computer especially designed to keep us away from changing any of the proxy settings in all of these browsers and I only have these 3 browsers: Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. If possible I would prefer Firefox because of the add-ons that I have with it. And i can't modify anything within the advance settings button on the Network/Internet Preference Pane. And as my last resort I ask all of you on how do I bypass this web filter?

P.S. I have a mac mountain lion v10.8.4

Tank you very much for your support



Best Answer 4 years ago

I used FoxyProxy addon for FF and it worked well with the proxy changing but I still didnt have the required user name password combo to get past the firewall, that is added by IT admin when you have been authorised as a user, so good luck.

Thank you very much, all I had to do was make a new proxy that said "direct connection" you are the best

In windows 10, stop windows firewall services and use opera or edge browser.

For more information about Zscaler's cyber security software as a service check out https://www.zscaler.com

I feel like the only way to get past zscaler is to use a brute force hacking tool to crack the password. If you right click zscaler you can try guessing it. Although you might be able to put a config into place that will allow you.

If you want to bypass the filter than talk to the system administrator. I'm guessing they have youtube and other sites blocked for a reason. But if you can make a good argument for why you need access than maybe they will give it to you.

Not that simple, I have a bad reputation with the admin that runs the computer, and this is a school-wide thing and the people at our school aren't very smart, and as I said there wouldn't be a good reason anyway the school already setup an education filter and If I asked them to unblock it they'ed only put the remote desktop app while watching my screen then slap it on their monitor 24/7.

same here and now they have blocked about every thing I know and everything I can find!!!

any suggestions???????????????

streaming media.PNGblock.PNG

Use an https web proxy. For example https://myhttpsproxy.com

P.S. I've been working against them, got in trouble countless times and before I was there they didn't even have parental controls on the computers just a web proxy attached to the server, not the computers. Now they have it all, want a list:

  1. Restricted applications to only if they're from the app store, then they blocked the app store.
  2. Web proxy virus (made by the admin of over 200+ students, and controlled) into the computer so even if I get in and have the opportunity to shut-down the proxy from the network pref-pane it'll just keep going.

So the only real logical answer is an add-on from fire-fox because they also blocked the installing of extensions from chrome.

zsalerone blocks it all because of streaming media pls help all the simple ways to bypass it have been deleted by bigger companies please help me now

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