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How to capture Hulu shows and videos? Answered

Just wondering how to capture hulu shows and videos.

If I am not mistaking I think I read  somewhere round the web some time ago that it was possible to capture hulu videos for offline viewing but I don't recall ho you actually do this.If anyone has any idea on this I'd love to take a look at it.



Best Answer 7 years ago

To be honest, nope, haven't used any Hulu Downloader or Recorder or whatever they're called.
I knew it was possible some time ago to capture and download Hulu videos streams but haven't really give this much thought until now cause I was pretty sure it wasn't possible anymore.

Anyways, I think I found something useful round this google search.

Was looking at the results and found some Hulu Downloader mentioned. Poked around the site, they have some Audials Tunebite program that works as well as a Hulu Downloader.

As far as I read, this Audials Tunebite  seems to be able to record or capture and convert hulu streaming videos, movies and shows  and save them to your hard disk.

Doesn't look anything complicated so I'm gonna give it a try when I have some spare time..

Cool, thanks for the tip on this Hulu Downloader, was not familiar with it anyways.

From the looks of it seems to work to record or capture hulu videos smoothly, that's a relief cause I was rather interested in something that's easy to use.

It'd have been even interesting to get some opinion from you if you have already used it but hey it doesn't hurt to try it..

Thanks again for the tip on that Hulu downloader, guess I'm gonna use this one to capture and save hulu online streaming videos and movies.

Tried it and it seems to me it runs smoothly to record hulu plus I saw it actually works to record streaming videos from other sites as well, that will come in handy as well.

I also use Audials Tunebite software to download shows from Hulu. The process is simple, Audials recognizes videos, movies, shows, smth played by hulu and downloads it. The step by step proess of downloading and recording you can find here: http://audials.com/en/how_to_record_stream_capture_music_videos_movies_from/hulu.html

I guarantee very few video downloading tools for hulu shows for it streams the video in a way that could not be downloaded or captured by some general recording ways. Since i stumbled on this video recorder that is specially designed for recording rtmp video.

Maybe you can have GetFLV a try. It's a nice software to capture hulu shows and videos. Here I left the link: http://www.superlogix.net/Hulu-downloader/index.htm Hope you will enjoy it!

It seems that the asker has found a workable program here, so am I, I also got this program from Google to free record hulu videos. Of course, Audials takes care of this issue as well. There always seems one more good device worth to check out.


Say, if ordinary streaming video downloaders don't work to capture hulu streaming shows and videos why don't u also try some screen recorder programs?

As far as I know screen recorders can record whatever is being played on the screen of your pc so I don't see why these wouldn't work to also capture hulu shows and movies while they stream online.

Mneahh, dunno what to say.

If u ask me I wouldn't even bother to try and use any ordinary screen recorder proggy to capture or record Hulu streaming movies while they play online.

You'd need a hellofa fast screen recorder program that can capture Hulu streams in real time and doesn't give u some laggy video recording or something like this. Trust me, not worth it.

Hulu downloader or something close to this is the way to do it.

Really? I didn't know this, but hey I'm not that familiar with the whole screen recorder thing anyways.

So I suppose I shouldn't bother either to try to use any random screen recorder to record or capture hulu videos.

Say, have u used any Hulu Downloader till now? I'd try a couple of other programs that could capture and save hulu for me.

But I know there also was some firefox extension that could be used to download streaming videos from all sorta sites, download helper I think it was called.

Doesn't this one work to capture and save hulu streaming videos and shows to you pc?

I suspect since hulu offers streaming videos on its site this one might just work for your problem.

Nope, not gonna work to use Firefox extensions to capture hulu shows and videos or save hulu to pc.

These extensions might work to capture and download regular streaming videos but, as I already mentioned, since hulu streams are rtmp-e' s , they aren't equipped to handle this sorta streams.

Definitely need some Hulu Downloader for this.

That much I also knew , firefox addons work only for youtube and other similar sites.

Though it would have been cool if they made an addon that could capture hulu streaming movies and videos, would have been an easy solution outta this.

See the related instructables. The comments seem to indicate this method works.

Thanks for the tip yokozuna, hope it still works to capture hulu streaming videos.
Will take a closer look at it.

Cool, I was also wondering a couple of weeks ago if it's still possible to capture Hulu streaming videos for my phone.

I knew they switched to using rtmp-e for the movies streamed online on hulu so most of the programs that could record hulu streaming videos and tv shows stopped working some time ago.

Wonder if that program mentioned in that thread still works.