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How to change CMOS to CCD on a DSLR. I'm adamant this is possible.? Answered

There are many pros and cons to both CMOS and CCD respectively, but I'd like to experiment with the two anyway, involving hacking a DSLR camera, which hosts a CMOS image sensor (which uses rolling shutter) and changing this to a CCD (which is an instant shutter).

As well as the technical changes, would there be other things to consider, like programming within the DSLR?

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steveastrouk (author)2012-11-21

Forget it. It's not feasible. The readout electronics for ccd are wildly different from cmos ones

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rickharris (author)2012-11-21

I would think the electronic and software changes as well as the alignment issues would be considerable. BUT I have no experience of doing this nor can I find anyone who has.

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