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How to change frequency on RC toys Answered

Hi , i just got this Rc Nikko Heavy metal, i think it's quite rare because i can't manage to find it anywhere in the Internet. So, it was an old lady who gave it to me on a garage sale, and it came with a rechargeable 7.2 v battery pack, but the controller was missing, and i don't know how much MHz it's on. so how can i change the frequency, does it work with a donor car?like i change the whole electronics setup?  
1000 thanks for answering



I hate assuming anything, so I will ask - is there a crystal or oscillator pack anywhere on it? Many RC toys have a crystal, and sometimes they are even removable.
Look to see if maybe there is a socket for a crystal with no crystal in it !

what is the number on the IC? I don't know much about RC, but I know electronics, and even if it's a programmable IC, I might know how to read the information on it, and program another the same.

That chip isn't generating the clock. Look at what feeds into that.
One of the inputs into that chip is the actual clock frequency.

In a way it probably is generating the output frequency, but it's job is to add or subtract 2 clocks to/from each other (from the specs I was able to get).
Basically it would be well suited to the output stage of an FM signal.

Sorry, I usually deal with digital electronics.
If something is operating at a frequency of 200 MHz, in digital electronics we would call that a 200 MHz clock.
Forgive me.
In your case, chances are we are operating with an FM transmitter or receiver. FM meaning Frequency Modulation. This means we have one steady frequency (like 200MHz) and another signal that gets added or subtracted from that, causing the frequency to modulate.
This IC seems to be what would be used to do that addition/subtraction of frequencies. This would mean that what ever frequency the device is running on would be (one of) the frequencies (clocks) going into the IC.

but i have an old rc and on the ic there's 8 pins, and the ic on my car is 10 pins , can i still adapt the 8 pin ic on the car

Nice you just have the receiver but not the transmitter.
Most mass produced toys are made with matching programmable ICs.
1. You can pull and replace the IC with one that matches a transmitter.
2. Replace the receiver with one you have a matching transmitter.
3. Tinker calculate RC LC until you have a frequency range and then play with an adjustable transmitter until you find the commands.

OK i appreciate your answers. but IC's are those green chip card right?thanks

If it is in an IC socket yes then put in a preprogramed IC that matches the transmitter.

Other wise if it is soldered in it is a lot of work easier to swap to a matching receiver.

More than likely 27Mhz if it is old. You have a choice of 6 frequencies


It may / will be easier to chop out the old cct board and replace with a modern system.

OK thanks , so im trying to find an other rc car on the net to "transplant" it . Thnks