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How to change the default music in a baby music mobile? Answered

I want to change the default music loaded generally in a baby music mobile like the one shown in the picture.

Does any one have an idea on how to do this?

I remember from my childhood the barbie dolls which used to cry when the soother was removed from the mouth of the doll, That doll used a  gramophones like technology to play the sound. I am not sure what type of music recording and playing mechanism is used in these devices.

thanks for all your answers in advance.


As a generality you can't easily as the microprocessor is programmed to play those tunes.

There isn't any access to re-program it.


If you look at www.picaxe.com you will see that their microprocessors can also play tunes, normally ring tones that you can easily find on the web or use their large file of tunes.

You would of course need to work out how to replace the circuit board in the mobile with a Picaxe based circuit board - Sorry can't help with that.

@ rickharris. Question: Have you used picaxe before? I've never heard of them but I would like to implement their Miniature PCB piezo you are referring to. The site suggests I buy a cord called the AXE027 in order to transfer music sounding code from the computer to the piezo. They claim "all Picaxe chips and boards" are compatible with this cord... Only thing is I don't see any port to connect the AXE027 stereo jack to the piezo. Does this sound right to you? The piezo is not a chip, and it's not a board, its more like a potentiometer...what do you think?

I have used this micro system many times.

The AXE027 is a USB to stereo plug used to program the micro processor.

Once programmed the microprocessor then will play your tune using the Piezo as a transducer to make the sound signal audible.

You only need to buy the cable once!

Disable it, and play baby music from a stereo. I suggest Iron Maiden to start with...