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How to charge this capacitor? Answered

I got this from a lightbulb. (three way)


1. It is an electrolytic capacitor and is polarised - That is it has a + and a - connection

Make sure you get them the right way round.

2. Correctly applied any DC supply will charge the capacitor - up to a MAX of 200 volts although I wouldn't go even close to that.

3. At 47 micro farads (0.000047 farads) you won't find it holds a huge charge.

4. The charge time will be the capacitance x the resistance in the circuit - it will be considered fully charged after about 60% of the C x R time.

Charging it isn't really an very interesting occupation.

Any DC current supply will do the job. Try a battery.

use battery , but make sure the polarity (+ ) with (+ ) and (-) with (-) .