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How to coat the inside of a bottle with resin? Answered

I recently bought some resin that I was going to test a few prop pieces out with, but, being the space cadet I am, did not pay attention to the volume the resin produces, and I'm now short resin.

I can, of course, buy more resin, but I had the idea of kind of cheating and just coating the inside of a coke bottle (the glass ones) with the colored resin and filling it with water to match. 

Also, there is more to this. I know I can color water and fill the bottle with that to make a colored bottle. I also know I could color the resin and fill the bottle with that. However, I have an additive that I want to use that is rather pricey, so I would only like to coat the inside of the bottle as to give the illusion it is filled with liquid instead of actually filling it up with liquid.

thanks in advance! 


Pour it in and twist and turn the bottle to spread around?

Is there something else to prevent the obvious approach?

Looking at this now...yeah, this is kind of a stupid question...I've yet to really work with resin, so I had this odd feeling that this approach wouldn't work due to the fact that the resin would slip off. Which, judging by answer, is not the cause.
Sorry again for the stupid question, but thank you for the answer!!

there is never a stupid question. Aside from the unasked.