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How to compete with neighbors' lush lawns and catch toads? Answered

I am in the process of attracting and catching a toad for an Instructable. There's a few problems with that, but none so big as this: Toads like moist environments. It's a fact. My yard - dry as the Sahara. Well, maybe not that dry, but compared to my neighbors' lawns, it is. My neighbors have nearly constant sprinklers, pools, buckets of water (or as I like to call them, mosquito farms), and always-on exterior lights. In case you don't know, that's nearly heaven for a toad/frog. I go out at twilight/dark to find a toad, and I hear them everywhere - except in my yard. I'd go get one from my neighbor's lawn, but that'd be trespassing, and for a dumb reason. Do any of y'all know of a way that I could turn the toads' attention from my neighbors' lawns to mine? I can't do anything major, like building a pond, but any little things to bring them closer to my home would be good. Thanks, and if I can get a toad, expect to see an iBle coming from me! (Note: substitute frog for toad if you want - it's just that toads are more terrestrial and would in theory be easier to catch.)


Oh. That explains it.

You don't drink it straight up do you?? I prefer to mix mine with Irish whiskey and cat diarrhea first.

Thank you for tattooing that image to the inside of my eyelids.

Well, you can always throw something into your neighbore's yard, then go and ask if you can get it. While you are going to get the object, you can go toad hunting! :D Or if you don't want to ask them, you can always dress in all back and sneek around their yard all ninja-like and get one of the toads. Think about it this way -- the toads are trespassing, so it's okay for you to trespass to get the trespassers :)

The only problem is that you had me throw the camer case up there after you got up there!

Yeah... but hey -- if someone had walked out and asked me what I was doing at least there's be an excuse! :D I wonder if the ladder fell down while they were driving away....

I hope the ladder fell down! I don't think it worked with that old guy that was yelling at us at the beach though, he probably didn't even hear you because his hearing is so bad.

You could ask your neighbors. Just say, "Can I catch a few toads for school?" Using the school bit is a great excuse. Whenever I ask for a weird thing (like asking my aunt for three poodle skirts), I use the school excuse. "Can you start collecting altoids cans for me?" "Why?" "School." "Do you have any knitting needles I can have?" "Why?" "School." "Do you have any dead snakes in your yard?" "Why?" "School." "Can I have a pint of your urine?" "Why?" "School."

Why would you need a whole pint of urine? Any projects I've done have usually required only a few ounces.

. ROFLMAO Out of that list, poodle skirts is the one you're wondering about? It's the last one that has me wondering.

Yeah the last one got me wondering too... I'm not sure if I want to know. I still want to know about the poodle skirts though!

School. No, really, school. I put on a presentation of the fifties for my history class. In our group, we had three guys, and three girls. I wore one of the poodle skirts...

BTW, I thought I'd give props to my aunt. In ONE day, she helped me whip out three poodle skirts on a next to nothing budget. She is a craft god. She's right above Martha Stewart.

Lay a lump of corrugated iron on the ground next to the fence adjoining your neighbour's garden.

Wet it, and the ground under it.

This will draw worms & slugs up for the toad to feast on, and also provide an attractively-warm hidey-hole during the day.

(Last year, a UK nature-journalist / comedian (Bill Oddie) tried to find every native UK reptile in a single day. He found them all, plus a load of toads and frogs, under scraps of corrugated iron.)

I can't say I approve of an Instructable involving toads, though. That would be disrespectful


I can't say I approve of an Instructable involving toads, though. That would be disrespectful

Well, as long as the toad in question is alive, then it'd be okay. :-)

You didn't follow the link, did you? It was a punchline.

Yeah... I did follow the link... I was joking off of your joke... AWKWARD TURTLE!

Reaches for stun gun.... experiences deja-vu...

Pass me my glue gun somebody, I need to fix my split sides.

Well, as long as the toad in question is alive, then it'd be okay. :-)

Sorry, I can't be promising anything like that. ;-P

Hmm... Toads have a voracious appetite, they need lots of food sources Toads need damp areas, buy some terra cotta plant dish thing s (what you put under the pot), set them in the ground, and keep them full of mud and water. Go out at night with a green flashlight, or other light (I think I heard they can't see green), and grab anybody you see, try roads, bring them back and release. Find out what sort of toads they are, learn more about them Daisy, the 5 inch toad in our garage, wishes you luck! Handle toads in your backyard frequently, try to identify individuals, but don't harrase them

You should come to my yard. We have Tarantulas! Then you could turn them (or snakes) loose in your neighbors yards, and the toads (might) flee to your yard for protection.

I never got th knack for catching toads, but I do have a knack for retreiving things out of my neighbor's yards. Just ask, unless the neighbors hate you. They put a lot of effort into their yards, and probably don't want toads in there anyway. If somebody knocked on my door and asked permission to catch the fox that has moved in under my shed, I'd say go for it. Of course if you insist on getting them on your property, just flood a low spot and let 'em hop on over. I've got a spot that likes to pool after rainstorms, so I'd just use the hose to flood that spot every day if I wanted frogs.

Bran, might I ask why you haven't tried just asking them?

I'd agree with NachoMahma. Actually, I'd probably just go over and catch a toad without asking permission. But, my neighbors wouldn't care; I'm not sure what your neighbors are like... Just go and catch one from their lawn though!

Yeah, what's the worst your neighbors can do?

Hello, 911, what is the nature of your emergency?

There's a kid in my yard!

What did he do sir?

He caught a toad on my property without permission!

I'll send out a unit immediately.

I don't think so!

Hello, you've reached the Bran residence."

Yes, Mrs. Bran? I'm calling about your son.

I see...what did he do this time?

He's, he's...he caught a toad in my lawn.


I just don't see it!

Seriously, I doubt you'll get in trouble for catching a toad on somebody's lawn, as long as you're careful not to trample the grass.

. Wait until early evening. Knock on neighbor's door. "May I catch a few toads in your yard?"

That is: a) too easy b) a good way to get an odd reputation.

. a) And not nearly as much fun as the corrugated iron, but probably the quickest solution. And MUCH better than my first thought - buy some female toads in "estrus" (or whatever the equiv is for toads). . b) We're talking about Bran here. I'm pretty sure the reputation has already been got. heehee

. b) We're talking about Bran here. I'm pretty sure the reputation has already been got. heehee

Who told you?!

If toads are anything like the frogs in our pond, the correct version of oestrus is 24 hours a day for most of March.

Randy devils.


10 years ago

Find a shady spot, dig some of the ground up (soft earth), sink a bucket into the ground and fill with water (water, mozzies), maybe add some water plants to the bucket, see what happens. In other words, build a really small pond.


10 years ago

I think I know what your I'Ble is...... :)

oh, but about attracting toads.... I don't know :/

They also like soft earth to burrow into, even better if there's a log or plant pot on top. Do the neighbors have a sidewalk? Toads love to sit on the warm cement after dark.

Best bet would be to dig a little ditch or have a few puddles, basically a temproray pond, as long as there's wet to be had they'll come by. There was an old kiddies paddling pool adbandoned in a part of our old houses giant garden, frogs actually bred and lived around it alone, it had all kinds of life that was a bit odd, how do small fish get in a paddling pool with no nearby water sources like rivers? Anyway that was a big attraction, it was stangant-ish water, a combination of rain and a mini eco system made it quite reasonable... Rambling a bit but the paddling pool might be a good option, chuck some grass in there and leave it alon altogether fro a few days, should eb catching froggies in no time...