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How to conceal a door to a outside room? Answered

i have a door in my back garden which is a room built onto my houser (you can only go in from the outside), from the inside you will never know it exists, the door needs to be concealed so no1 knows its there but i can still enter on regular basis, i have several ideas but i might need some tips on them in the door the bottom panel has been kicked out so i have just enouhg room to get in without having to open the door fully put a piece of wood with hinges over the door and grow a wall climbing plant up it buy a shed or metal shed and place it infront with a little hole in the back

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walkerstone (author)2012-05-24

Block up the door completely and place a coal bin/ grit bin/ bike box type deal in front of it with a false back in your happy for the size restriction. Alternatively the shed in front with a false wall is best.

Another option might be the roof? Create a sturdy trellis and block in the door but add a roof hatch??

Guessing as this is three years old you've probably solved it by now. What did you resort to?

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jeff-o (author)2009-04-01

Maybe some sort of climbing ivy? You could set up a lattice on a hinge for the ivy to cling to.

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caitlinsdad (author)2009-04-01


Maybe use the same idea to build a shelf to cover the doorway. Good luck.

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