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How to coneect LED Strip to PC Ups direct. Answered

How to connect a LED strip directly inside to PC UPS Battery (12v) 

presently the LED strip needs a 12v adapter for connection directly to main power supply 220v AC.
but i want to connect it directly to my spare PC UPS, so that a get lights uninterrupted by power cuts.

#draw 12v from UPS battery while charging.

please guide.




2 years ago

Go ahead and connect to the 12v battery in the UPS. The charge to the battery will be 13+ volts so your strip may be too bright and / or hot.


Even though the voltage will be higher you can still safely run them. most of these types of strips will tolerate 13.5 V like you will find in a car's electrical system. If you want you could sink 5-$15 on a controller and reduce the brightness down a bit also!

Thank you for reply and courage.

is there any DIY 12v limiter ..to avoid over voltage while charging ?

Even after it is fully charged the battery will be sitting at approximately 13v.

You could use a voltage regulator but because they usually require the input voltage to be 1.5v higher then the out put. the moment the battery drops below 13.5V you may have some problems with voltage stability.

A voltage converter may help you more, at an added cost. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cincon-CHB75-12S12-Isolate...

be sure you look for one with a fixed 12v output and a input that allows for both higher and lower voltages to be used. This one will take an input as low as 9V or as high as 19V.

But really I'd still just stick with running them straight off the battery. Nice and simple with no messing around !

Thank you for reply and courage.