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How to connect 10 lights or LED's in sequence having all lights on when the switch reaches 10? Answered

I want to construct a panel with a 10-position rotary switch that lights a vertical column of lights or LED's.  At position 1 the bottom light is on, at position 2 both lights 1 and 2 are on. At position 8, lights 1 through 8 are all on until at position 10 all 10 light are on.  The bottom lights will be green... then middle lights yellow, and finally red lights at the top.  I was going to use LED's but for 10 it seems I may need 24v supply?  If I use 6-volt lamps, maybe I can get then to stay on with a 6-volt lantern battery or 9v battery ?  Can I simply use a rotary switch and blocking diodes to keep the next light from coming on too soon?  This is such a simple idea but I have not found a simple solution yet - any help will be very much appreciated.



3 years ago

Will this work ? I have done no calculations on battery size for 10 lamps. If it is beter to use LED's than lamps, or what size diodes they need to be. Assume I can find a 10 position rotary type switch.


That will work but those switches are not cheap. You'll spend $20 or more on just the switch.

I found a rotary 12 position single pole for $ 3.89 at Frys. But I abandoned this idea as it was not displaying the main idea I was looking for.

Thanks for all the feedback !


3 years ago

9 volts might work


And you can replace the 555 with a simple manual push button, resistor and small ceramic capacitor !

If you use LEDs they will be wired in parallel with the power source so they will only need the voltage of a single LED. They will just draw more current which will be well within what a battery can offer. To avoid crazy wiring and whatnot it may be best to use a micro controller and a pair of buttons. One button increases the number of lights being used while the other decreases the number.

I agree with mpilchfamily; that problem is begging for a Micro controler.

If you REALLY want to, here is a 12 position dial keep in mind 1 month+ before you will see it at your door. I would really encourage you to Punch "Arduino" into the instructable search. If you can learn to use a micro controller, Massive windows begin to open for you !