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How to connect small toy motor to solar panel? Answered

I've a school project to submit and the thing I'm making involves connecting a small toy motor that I salvaged,  to a solar panel from the same toy (pictures attached) . They came attached to gether but I accidentally got them to separate. The wire was joined (?) with panel by a glue and that was the one that got lose. I can't seem to get the circuit to close now. I only tried holding it in place by hand though. Before I use insulation tape, I need to confirm. Is there anything I'm missing? I live in an arid place with hardly any clouds, so sunlight is not a problem.

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mpilchfamily (author)2014-05-06

Did this toy happen to have a battery in it or any other components. I doubt that panel can run the motor on it's own. I can see it charging a small battery or super capacitor and then the motor runs off that.

The wires need to be soldered into place.

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zaekr (author)mpilchfamily2014-05-08

No, that toy did not have any other source of power. The circuit came closed straight out of the box. I've given the link in case you'd wish to see the toy.


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