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How to construct a a station of the cross and make it look real.? Religion Project? Answered

I have to make a station of the cross for my son's for class. I have to use some form of 3D to construct(Example: Puffy pains, corn, beads, wood,yarn,toothpicks,cotton, felt, beans, etc.) I can not use action figures or dolls to construct the people on the station. I am not sure where to begin or how make it look real without the use of dolls of figures.


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Kiteman (author)2013-03-16

Er, I think you'll find that your son is supposed to be making the model...

But, I would pick an "easy" station (isn't one of them Jesus carrying the cross down a street), with quite plain scenery (a stretch of paving stones).

For the figure, make a wire skeleton, then flesh it out with modeling clay or papier mache, and dress it in something simple, like a loin cloth. The cross itself is easy, just two pieces of timber of a thickness to match the scale of your figure.

If the figure won't stand, put it on its knees, or all-fours, and make it the station where (I think) he drops the cross.

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