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How to control LED strips with 30W LED? Answered

I have several 12V RGB LED strips that I want to mimic a 30W RGB LED. The remote controlled driver outputs 24-32V to the high power LED. Can I just use a transistor/MOSFET? An drawing and product numbers would be cool, or even better a brief explaination of calculations for transistors/mosfets and the associated resistors so I don't have to bother the community with this seemingly simple question. 

Would it be possible to use a simple voltage divider to lower the 32V signal to 12V or less to connect to the base of a transistor?


Do your strips add up to 30W then?


The strips will be powered by a separate 12v power supply, so wattage shouldn't matter, should it? And I dont know for sure, but definitely not more than 10W of stripping. Both power supplies can supply enough power to their respective loads.

I can't do that because the strips don't allow it. The 12v inputs at one end are electrically connected to the output at the other end, so they can be interconnected and all strips get the 12v they need.