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How to control Stepper Motor with Integrated Controller, with Arduino Answered

I salvaged a few big stepper motors from a large Laser printer. Unfortunately they all have integrated controller boards. I would like to control them with an arduino. I am aware that an option is to remove the PCB then use a regular contoller. I would prefer to use the integrated board. The boards have the following inputs:
The high and low voltage and ground are obvious. CLK is the clock speed (which I half understand). LD is Load?? P/S is pulse??
The board has an SLA6024 with a nice heatsink. (perhaps that helps.
I am after a wiring diagram and arduino sketch to control the motor for a CNC machine.
Your help is appreciated.
Attached are a few images.


There is a lb1923 on the reverse side of the pcb. The IC spec is at
Looks like a 3 phase brushless motor driver.
Apparently it uses hall sensors and has a braking option.
I read the spec and looked at a sample application diagram but have no idea what signal to send to the board.

Find out where pins 5.6,7 and 8 are going from the IC to the ourside world..
I suspect pin 7 is tied down on the board, but I may be wrong

Hi steveastrouk. It seems there are many motors like this one on laser printers. I got a couple and Im wondering how to control them.

what kind of input do I need to give on those pins?
f/r is forward reverse control
s/s is start stop
and clock sets the speed. so what kind of signals do i need to give them??

as I understand this motor is brushless so unsuitable for cnc as the original author had in mind

From the chip description, those chips aren't doing the work, they are the power drivers for the coils in the motors. Any sign of any other silicon ? Maybe its flip-chip and buried under a black blob ?


I have a similar motor and it does have the Stepper driver, just that the name is not legible [ so I cant get the data sheet to control it]. here are some pics, I think His stepper comes with an IC too.


Do you have manual book for stepper motor? You can follow that ,if you have a problem. Otherwise contact the experts who have good knowledge in this field.
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