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How to control the temperature of a peltier module? Answered

What is the most efficient way of controlling the degree of hotness or coldness of a 12v 6A peltier module? Can I use PWM?


The thermostat circuit looks like this and it can be adjusted to the temperature you like.

You need a thermistor for ether hot or cold depending on what side of the peltier you want to control and it goes against the peltier module.


yes, you can use a PWM, to be honest, the most efficient way of controlling it is by using a controller, that is , TEC controller. I have ever met the same problem as you, I used one controller from a company called Analog Technologies, inc. As I am not very sure about your situation, you can select one from this page, http://www.analogtechnologies.com/tec-controller.htmldeeply hope that I can help u.


2 years ago

We live where temperatures range between damn cold and damn hot (celsius).

Our small, old dog lives in a small, insulated house which is fully enclosed INSIDE the garage (under a bench) with a small hatch to the outside world. She frequently sleeps with a jug of water with a fish tank heater in it.

I'm trying to source ideas for a 12V automatic peltier heat/cool system which I can set and forget. I don't need to maintain a fixed temp, as long as I can adjust the damn cold and damn hot levels individually. Let's say 10-35degC (50-95degF).

Either a single reversed peltier or a heat & cool set would work.

Technically, I could build it but logistically, I'm busy that day, so I'd consider paying someone to parcel the working circuitry to me and I'll do the plumbing.

At 12 volts the peltier will only draw what it needs 6 amps max, well within the TIP3055 transistors limits, and the Op amp is only getting something like 0.0012 amp, well within its limits.


3 years ago

There's a much easier way to control the peltier module, i.e. using a TEC controller. I'm sure it will save your time and improve the efficiency. You may find a proper TEC controller with reasonable price here:


PWM is generally a bad idea, unless you use some filtering to smooth it. Also, you need full bridge control.

Hi Steve, thank you for reply. Do you know any other methods by which I can achieve the temperature control?

A thermostat is the way to go.

Take a thermistor and connect it to a rail to rail or schmitt trigger opamp wired as an adjustable comparator. Then adjust to the temp you want.